Sunday, July 19, 2009


Relationships are all about compromise. The concept of a "man of your dreams" is not complete without a few unwelcomed quirks, because we all know it's not really about finding someone that's perfect..but finding someone that's imperfections are perfect for you. So what if he can't cook, maybe he's really good in bed; or what if he's indecisive, but extremely handy around the casa? These are instances where you can compromise, where you can fill in the blanks. However, when it comes to lack of there ever really a good enough compromise for being mistreated?

Relationships are auditions for the role of a lifetime; your soulmate, other half, significant other, hubby, partner in crime. Whatever you call it, most people don't want to be wrong when the game's in crunch time. Things starting off right is a good sign, but pleasantries have a way of wearing off sooner or later and it's important to keep your eyes open for red, flashing, "Do Not Enter" signs that maybe your first impression of him was too generous.

Giving up someone that you have become attached to is a challenge; It's like giving up carbs..not really any fun! But just like giving up fatty foods..letting go of an unhealthy first may feel like your being punished, but soon will present you with the gift of results that make you smile.