Friday, July 30, 2010

Keep Calm & Carry On

1. I am terrible at interviews.

2. I had my gall bladder removed..if you are reading this and had no clue? don't feel left out..most people didn't.

3. I still tell people i'm from Detroit even though I moved to Indiana in 2001. I just don't want to lose that part of what makes me me.

4. I am a lifelong Detroit Tigers fan..but in Chicago I root for the SOX!

5. It's easy for me to walk away from people that hurt me..sometimes I look back, but only if you can't see it.

6. My love life should be considered a handicap..I truely believe I should get special parking because of it.

7. I should probably apologize to most of the guys that kissed me in 2008..only one of them made my heart beat a little faster.

8. I love to travel..I've only been to Canada, England, Japan, Mexico and Israel..but I really want to go to Italy, Peru, Ireland, and Spain in the next few years.

9. "I'm not that girl" should be my tagline

10. I feel like people don't give me a 2nd chance very often..

11. My hero is the baby brother..he's the best person I know.

12. My best friend's name is Demecina..she'sthe only person in the world with that name..Google it!

13. I should probably join Shoppers Anonymous!

14. My hebrew name is "Ariela Fayga" it means "Happy Bird"

15. I was half-born on the sidewalk outside the hospital..I was painless..and blue - like a smirf!

16. My biggest goal right now is to pay off my credit card debt.

17. I definitely was Latina in a former life.

18. My favorite earrings are silver hoops.

19. After going to Israel, I really wish that I had kept up with my jewish studies all these years..I feel like its a part of me that is missing.

20. Valentine's Day is the worst day of the year for me.

21. I've never been in love.

22. When I say I would take a bullet for someone..I mean it..I don't know what other people mean when they say it..but i'm from Detroit and be don't really mess around with that kind of statement.

23. I have guys that have been in my life for so long that I consider them substitute boyfriends..even though I don't want to date them or for some reason we didnt work out..they make me smile and make the being single days not so hard.

24. I never tell people i'm scared..i'm not big on that admitting to weaknesses thing

25. My middle name is Faith..and I think I have more of it than most people are ever blessed with knowing.