Thursday, July 29, 2010

Post Hoc

As per usual the hardest decisions we make in life are usually the ones that have the added bonus of causing the most pain.  The decisions that we think are best don't always come naturally, and defintely don't [initially] come with a sugar-coating.  Unfortunately, there is no guidebook to life; no little halo-bearing (wo)man magnificantly whispering inspirational phrases in your ear, no soundtrack constantly humming the tune to your favorite song pushing you forward when you want to run backwards, and no flashing red lights to illuminate the wrong paths.

As we grow up, our decisions also become more complicated; they effect more people, they make and break personalities, and build awkward silences where its never existed.  The emotions of the people that care about you seem to fall to the wayside, and hearts tear in unnatural ways.  As you search for something that you can't put your finger on; change. 

Sometimes friendships suffer as you chase you dreams, sometimes they stand still, and other times through your pain you find the rarities that end up meaning the most.