Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anthropologically Speaking

Working out it not natural.

I can't imagine that thousands of years ago people worked out at all.  I assume that there was something resembling physical competition that perhaps required training to enhance ones' natural skill set, but that the current trend is a severe mutation of the original purpose.  Back than, and even up until the invention of mass and/or affordable transit, life was altogether more based in physical activity.  People used to walk. EVERYWHERE.  Even though horses have in my knowledge base been around as long as people, the general population got around using there own means and fortitude.  As technology has led us to more advanced means, the idea of walking has become a novel concept.  A tendency to put on weight as a result has increased, and in order to fight against this "working out" has become an instilled technique in society.

That being said, maybe if I walked more instead of relying on my car, I wouldn't have to sweat so much in the company of others aka what a typical hour at the gym boils down to for me.

Oh the good old days..