Friday, January 7, 2011

Interpersonal Communication

Just in case anyone is unaware, we are currently in a recession.  Yes, I know - startling information.  

What does this mean?

Well, in my cognitive opinion, it means that customer service providers need to step up there game.  As an avid and over productive shopper, I am appalled at the lack of courteous employees at stores these days.  With companies calling it quits right and left, it would seem only appropriate that staff members with any regard for their current status of "employed," would try to, I don't know, be nice to customers.  In my recent escapade of continuous shopping adventures, aimed at tiding my over for the next 5 months [see Mission: Sacrifice], I have come across more than several for lack of a nicer word, RUDE, sales persons. 

Just a suggestion, with the purse strings of America [the United States of] being tightened -- a decrease in alienating the consumer may be in order.  

Thank You,
Unsatisfied Shopper