Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Mild But Albeit Innocent Obsession With Kurt Sutter (#SOA)

Until a couple weeks ago the only thing I knew about Sons of Anarchy was that the attractive fellow from Green Street Hooligans played a badass biker and that Peggy Bundy was involved in some capacity.

After devouring season 1, patiently waiting every Tuesday/Friday for the red Netflix envelope to arrive (yes, I do have it down to a schedule), I've found that even though I can jokingly tweet remarks about my newest fictional crush Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam - I really came out of this season with a newfound appreciation for one man, Kurt Sutter.

Note: "Jax's babies" - I don't know Hunnam, so that would just be weird to say..

In case you don't know who Mr. Sutter is, fret not, neither did I until I was captivated by a cameo from encarcarated Sons of Anarchy member Otto Delaney in 'Better Half' (season 1, episode 10) - which would make my acquintance going on 5 days now.

As mayhem unfolded in Charming and ATF went at SOA from a new angle, the suave gentleman restrained in a 10x10 (best guess) room was the most memorable part of the episode.

It didn't take long before I was googling (what an offbeat verb, I wonder if there's a plan to add it to the dictionary?) to find out more information about this man - the actor, not the character.

Kurt Sutter.

Come to find out, Sutter is more than just an actor that was the lucky result of a casting call. He is the creative genius behind the series. Which leads me to my mild but albeit innocent obsession with Kurt Sutter.

With my limited work in film to spawn my curiousity of his artful process, he is definitely on my list of people in the industry I'd like to sit down with for a few hours, shoot the shit (or sh*t for the more sensitive reader), and pick his brain to the full extent that my stream of consciousness will allow.

I can't imagine what it takes to make something like a simple idea come to be a show that is now rocking its way up the Nielsen rankings in its fifth season on FX.

While most people, understandably, are focused on the actors who are in your face every week carrying the show in one sense - have you ever wondered what's happening to get them there? I love television, but I have a deep appreciation for the day-to-day behind the scenes actions. While Hunnam is delivering that perfect line, I wonder who wrote it? Who chose the music to go with the last epic scene in the season one finale in the cemetary? And, who was responsible for the final shot of him standing at his father's grave that tracked back from a close-up to a wide with the min-flags perfectly lined up (flags no doubt being the result of a fantastic art department)?

And, who's behind it all?

Thumbs up, Kurt Sutter, bravo!