Sunday, April 25, 2010

"no need to shop around, you got the good stuff at home"

With 3 or 4 papers standing in the way of me and an all "A" semester it is almost like duh to say that I am currently suffering from writer's block.  Not to alarm anyone, but right now at this exact moment I am in the middle of an all out internal battle between my mental block and writing a riveting paper on the cultural relevance of the novel "No Country For Old Men" which has a due date looming in the very near future.  I can't help but find myself wanted to compare this book with the recently discovered (by me) John Wayne film "Stagecoach" - and discuss nothing else than the heroic cowboyism relationship that the main characters share.  Unfortuantely, that's not the assignment and no points are awarded for creative ingenuity i.e. going off on a tangent totally unrelated to the topic.

Writer's Block is such a rude, nonsensical phenomenon.  I understand if I was an actual writer and my legitimate career choice and therefore livelihood was based on working through the inevitable stress of being insightful, but seriously my brain needs to get it together because this paper isn't going to write itself.  I can already imagine in vivid, 3-dimensional color the domino effect that procrastinating on this paper any further will surely cause on the rest of my semesters success!  Failure ensues.

However, that doesn't seem like a viable option..I predict lots of Starbucks and Red Bull in my very near future.