Monday, April 5, 2010

Before I Became a Cynical Bitch..

This weekend was very reminiscent of the time before I became a cynical bitch.  I was down in Indianapolis basking in the Final Four festivities at Jillian's, where I consumes excessive amounts of  alcohol and liquid couraged my way up to hitting on the hot, Robert Pattison look-alike that had been standing within 5-feet of me for most of the game.  **By the way my future husband's name is Josh and he roots for Butler - and there is a good chance that he resides in/or around Indianapolis**  However, despite scoring an invitation to hang out with Josh & Co. at a bar afterwards, "fate" had other plans, and by the time I figured out that I should probably exchange numbers in case of such emergency, I was stuck in the sluggishly moving ladies line and he left in the meantime.  So this is my letter a guy i'll never see again, but really thought was groovy and will indebidily hang out at Cadillac Ranch next time i'm in Indy secretly wishing that he is actually a regular there and not just a one time V.I.P. patron.

Dear Josh-
     Although you were clearly wearing too many layers of clothing for the conditions, while I was desperately trying to not look sweaty, and the guys I was with made fun of your scarf..I thought you looked pretty rugged and debionaire in a very Hollywood meets East Coast kinda way - especially when Jen commented on your outfit choice and you admitted that you had yet another heavy, unseen layer on beneath your jacket, and could laugh about it anyway. 
     To be honest, I don't really appraoch men at bars - since I usually assume that they're all douches - but something about the way you made me feel uncharacteristically intimidated and how you made my stomach feel just a little bit like it did when I was 16 and how I experienced the strange sensation of butterflies when you brushed against me, gave me a little extra umph..but since i'm being completely honest, the massive amounts of liquor I consumed may have played a slight role.
     I think you look like Robert Pattinson, which i'm not even sure he would take as a compliment - but you should.  In fact, your mannerisms are exactly as I imagine his to be - despite your facade of being too cool to care (and too cool to admit that's the look you're going for), I personally witnessed you jumping up and down at the final buzzer when Butler took home the win over my own pick, Michigan State.  Something I think we could both agree would fall into the "very RPatz" category.    
     Moreover, i'm sorry I didn't make it out to where you were later that night, where I was planning on definitely, if not completely, being very direct and informing you that even though I thought your pants didn't do your behind justice, that I thought there was something about you that I found extraordinarily appealing and I would be very interested in knowing if my first impressions of you were at all correct - but since the likelyhood of me running into you ever again barring some massive karmic retrabution kicking in - thank you for giving me the giggles and allowing me to smile and stare without getting freaked out in the least. 

Yours Truely,

**Please note that my use of run-on sentences is exactly how I would picture me telling him this in is funny like that sometimes - Enjoy!