Monday, October 4, 2010

Dating Checklist - Updated

In consideration of my recent possibly Mayan ancestry, I have decided to add a new standard to my 7-Standards For Happiness (Dating Checklist) which will from hence forth have 8 requirements/strong preferences, instead of the aformentioned 7 (just in case anyone was confused [if you are confused, perhaps you haven't read 7-Standards For Happiness (Dating Checklist) and should CONSIDER reading or re-reading it before moving ahead in my thought process..or not, but if you do it's conveniently located at  7-Standards For Happiness (Dating Checklist)..either way, I support freedom of choice).  [Heyy, shameless self-promoting keeps Lindsay Lohan in the headlines..]

::guitar solo::
8.  Preferably Aztec:  I have been informed by my good friend (yes, an Aztec himself), that the Mayan and Aztecs are enemies, and let's be serious..there's nothing better than make-up sex (especially when you have that much making up to do ;)

Please apply if you meet these updated requirements, and note **all previous applications have now been shredded**