Monday, April 20, 2009

They Want What You Have

Have you ever looked at pictures of other people and gotten jealous?? Not because they look better than you (duh)..but because they are surrounded by other people that "look cool"??

Have you ever sat around checking facebook/MySpace to see what other people are doing via there photos and wall posts..wishing that you were doing that same (or similiar) thing or those people were writing on your wall? Does it make you angry that your "friends" (see below) seem cooler than you?


These people are not your friends (with few exeptions). They almost surely fall into the following categories - give or take a detail - :

  • someone that you dont really know but met that one time at the bar after too many shots of tequila - straight up no salt or lime - but managed to stalk..i mean locate..them on FB because your friend happened to know his cousins' brothers' best friend
  • someone that you met through an actual live friend on a random weekend visit to whosvilleland or when they came to your neck of the woods, that you never had the chance to actually hang out with ever because they live 2000 miles away and don't really know..and even if you managed to keep in touch for a nano second via online tools, you never have the money to go visit - because you spend it all buying things to make yourself appear cool (or perhaps to keep your electricity running..but unlikely)
  • someone that you knew back in the day (we're talking stone age era) and haven't seen in possibly a century or so..thus eliminating any potential for being in their pictures (remember digital cameras are from this time period). Yet you feel obligated to accept their friend request because of all that history.
  • and my favorite..someone that you have met and because you run in the same social circle you of course HAVE to be their fb friend..I mean how else are you going to keep up with ALL of the gossip from EVERY possible source if G-D forbid you can't read there wall!

Is there a moral to this story? Always!

Look at your own pictures. Your not standing in them alone ::hopefully:: It's easy to get lost in what someone else has and forget that you're pretty fierce too..