Thursday, April 2, 2009

When did people get so rude??

I was at the grocery store last night with my mom..stocking up on my favorites (at no expense to myself..the perks of moving home) and was completely astounded at the various rude people I encountered.

Example A) the greeter..what's the point of having a store greeter that just stands there? Is it not clearly spelled out that your purpose at that moment is to greet me? This never happens at the mall! Perhaps because when you go to the grocery store, they pretty much know your going to buy something..I mean duh why else would you go there? As opposed to the mall..where mass majorities have chosen the "window shopping" option.

Example B) the person standing behind me in the "NO LIMIT - SELF CHECK OUT" line..this woman waited 10 extra minutes for me to finish because she was too preoccupied with her cell phone conversation to look over to the next line and see that it was completely EMPTY! and than had the nerve to roll her eyes at me, not once ,but a minimum of 5 times! Once again let me reiterate NO LIMIT - SELF CHECKOUT better known as the molasses line!

Example C) the employee posted at the self check out line - Why would you put 2 random bags at the end of our bagging ramp?? See my mother does the bagging, and I do the scanning..and than we switch so she can pay and I put the bags in the cart. Unbeknowst to me that these "extra" bags are sitting I just load everything in the cart. We get out of the store and my mother notices the bags and immediately turns the cart around..I on the other hand advise her to keep going. Unfortunately her moral compass is still pointing back toward inside. When we get to the woman that was "supposed" to be watching, and tell her what happened, she had the nerve to give my mother lip "make sure you put both bags back where they were!" complete with head role. Ha! My thinking: if you were doing the job you were paid to do instead of chatting it up with the bagel boy than not only would you have been watching those bags, but we would have never made it out of the store with them! and stored wonder why there is so much unaccounted for merchandise at the end of the quarter..go figure?!

Well that pretty much sums up my food shopping experience..keep checking for more tidbits on me :)