Monday, April 13, 2009

Ultimate Satisfaction

Over the last 23 years, I have been know to have my "moments" of being irrational, not making sense, of overreacting, and most definitely causing a scene (stemming from one, if not more, of the first 3 reasons). However, Friday night proved to be a humbling and satisfying experience of maturity.

Four years or so ago I had a falling out of sorts with an associate. I hesitate to say friend because looking back I'm not really sure if she ever was my friend, or more of someone that I crossed paths with for a short time. While either way, this person was in my life for a short period of time, and than we had this falling out..actually it was a pretty ginormous one to say the least, but because the reasons behind it don't seem particularly important after all these years (to me at least) I'll leave them out.

Friday night I was out and about, and we ended up at the same bar as her (I have to admit that I knew ahead of time she would most likely be there, and had some time to mentally prepare). After all this time, I honestly had no idea what to expect..especially being well aware of my history of blowing things out of proportion (mostly I blame it on the alcohol), but that night was different. I had a cool head and went in there fully-loaded with my confidence and grown-up-ness (not to mention I was looking gooooood!). While I enjoyed the homie atmosphere of the ghetto dive bar scene..I maintained my calmness, while laughing my ass off at how flustered and aggravated she got over me being there! Not only did she tell anyone that would listen that she wasn't a fan of mine, but she sent a voice memo out for none of the guys to talk to me, and when they did..she sent other guys over to get them..who of course had to talk to me while doing so (Do you see the pattern??). Needless to say I left smiling and satisfied (only partially blamed on the alcohol)...and proud.

I realized that sometimes the best way to stand up for yourself is by doing nothing at all..just being yourself is sometimes the best won fight.

Score: Me - 1..Enemies - Nada!