Monday, April 27, 2009

What About The Gym Makes Me Feel Extremely Uncomfortable?

1. When I walk in, no one ever says hello. It's not like at the mall when I walk into my favorite store and everyone greets me (because they want my money) or Starbucks in the morning (who already knows they are getting my money..because let's face it - who walks into Starbucks and says "nope I don't think I'm going to have any coffee" and leaves) where the employees have made the smart decision to remember my drink of choice. When I walk in the gym I don't even get a "have a great workout!" or "nice to see you again!" Considering the absorbanent membership fees I pay to workout there (and by "I", I mean my dad) I would like to feel just a little bit more welcomed.

2. I always feel more fat when I'm there..

3. I feel unfairly judged by other worker-outers, or maybe they are called exercisers? I have the (UN)fortunate body type that allows me to camouflage (aka make less noticeable) my fat with the right type of clothing. For example, a regular t-shirt is going to be more tight around my "assets" and looser around my midsection thus creating the illusion of a smaller waist (ha!).

Therefore allowing the people larger than me to form the opinion:

"that little girl came here to do what? Walk on a treadmill?? She's so lazy, I'm over here sweatin' my balls off trying to look like her and she's walkin'! mmmmm hhhhhhhhm ::eye roll:: she's needs to step it up..use that metabolism hunny!!"

and skinny mini people to think:

"look at the fat bitch over there walkin'..she needs to start runnin' like there's a treat-on-a-string at the end of that treadmill.. ::yells:: being lazy is why you got fat in the first place chubby!"

**side note: either way you look at it I'm clearly being discriminated against (they're probably just jealous of my curves!)!

4. When I leave, they say goodbye (where was your endorphin-happy a$$ when I got here?!).